WATCH – Hitman Spills the Beans, Exposes THIS About Working For Bill and Hillary Clinton

As the scandals continue to mount for the Hillary Clinton campaign, many are quickly realizing that dirty politics and scandals can easily reach epic proportions. Indeed, some are comparing Clinton to a Mafia don, and one man even claims he worked for the Clintons as a hitman!

Larry Nichols, an Arkansas resident, admitted he was a hired murderer for the Clintons during their time in Little Rock and even when they were in the White House.

Nichols is one of the main individuals who brought the sexual assault and rape allegation of then-Governor Clinton to the forefront. He also was instrumental in starting Bill Clinton on his path to impeachment in 1998.

Nichols not only claims he was a hitman for the Clintons, but he also alleges he was sent overseas as a mercenary to kill individuals for the good of the country and the states. “I did it for the money,” he says. “I didn’t give a s**t about the women I beat and the men I murdered.”

The alleged former hitman has come forward now and claims he no longer sees the need to hide it. True to form, he said the Clintons were involved in illegal activities constantly, claiming it goes well beyond just cronyism, nepotism, and pay-to-play. According to Nichols, they had a whole host of friends, mercenaries, state troopers, and plain old yes-men who would cover up the crimes and shield the Clintons from being accused of indictable offenses.

Nichols claims the Clintons were involved in drug running, the beatings and rapes of woman and girls, and a whole of other crimes fitting for a crime boss family. If that weren’t bad enough, Nichols also addressed some rumors regarding Hillary’s sexual orientation by claiming she is lesbian and Webster Hubbell, not Bill Clinton, is Chelsea Clinton’s biological father.

But wait! There’s more to Nichols’s claims. He said Hillary attended a coven of witches during her time in Washington as first lady, and she belonged to a sisterhood called the Belizian Grove, which is similar to the Bohemian Grove. Belizian is a female counterpart to the Bohemian group, describing itself as a “global constellation of influential women who are key decision makers in the profit, non-profit, and social sectors” of American society.

Elizabeth Kersey is a member of this group as well and was also a worker in the Clinton Global Initiative. Quite a coincidence, isn’t it?

Drug running. Murder. All-around dishonesty. Membership in secret societies.

Although Nichols’s claims might seem far-fetched, these are all things that seem perfectly on par with what we know about the Clintons. Underhanded politics, crime, and a culture of division are definitely something we can expect if Clinton is “elected” president.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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