WATCH – If People See THIS New Trump Ad, He’ll Win the Vote of Every Hard-Working American!!

Donald Trump gets it—he really, really gets it. This viral new campaign ad video showcases how America used to be—and what it can become again if we choose wisely in November. Hillary Clinton’s disdain for common folk shines through every time she speaks, and quite the opposite is true when Trump gets a microphone in his hand or mingles with working class and middle class Americans.

Liberals have all but killed the middle class and ignored the working class.

Promising “free stuff” to the poor is the liberal mantra, and it has turned citizens into subjects over the course of the past 30 years.

Hillary Clinton offers more of the same, the same type of big government, corruption by special interests, broken promises, infringement upon the Constitution, and digging into the pockets of hard-working Americans to pay for the wants and needs of others—those inside our borders both legally and illegally as well as residents of foreign countries.

Donald Trump has vowed to put America and Americans first, always.

He has been a job creator for decades and understands how the real world works.

Trump will cut through the senseless government red tape, revamp trade deals hurting American workers, and reduce tax burdens on both job creators and those who work for them.

Hillary Clinton and her horses of liberal minions have never even worked in the real world let alone created a job.

Liberals are under the impression it is the government’s duty to create jobs. It most definitely is not.

The government, be it federal, state, or local, only needs to get out of the way and not establish an environment that kills job growth and business creation for the economy to prosper.

Its job is to create an environment that allows businesses to create jobs… something that Obama administration has NEVER done!

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