WATCH – Incredible Video EXPOSES How ‘Black Lives’ Thugs Hurt Trump Fans, Goes INSANELY Viral

Symone Sanders has not been held in high esteem since her sarcastic exclamation of “poor white people!” on national television.

Sanders, like many liberals, thinks that white privilege and white supremacy elected Donald Trump, and that Trump supporters are promoting hate and violence. But this video flies in the face of that argument, by revealing that it is liberals who attack Trump supporters.

These people commit hate crimes against white Trump supporters, but Sanders calls it nothing more than “protesting.” If you’re attacking someone and beating them up, just because they’re a different race than you are, that’s a hate crime. Racism is not just exclusive to white people, contrary to ignorant beliefs. A racist is a racist, period.

Liberals like to pretend like they’re the ones who are spreading the messages of peace and “love thy neighbor” but it wasn’t conservatives who were rioting in the streets, attacking people, and defacing public property.

We worked hard to elect the Republican as the President-Elect, and we could hardly celebrate because of the outbreaks of violence and protests.

One woman threw water on Trump supporters, and when she was taken away by police she claimed she “did nothing wrong.”

This is the viewpoint of many liberals, they can act in however fashion they like and expect to not be punished for it. But if conservatives were to do what liberals are doing if Hillary was elected, it would have been ten times worse. Either way, conservatives are labeled as racist and hateful.

It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, if you attack someone because of what they look like, or because of their politics, or because of their religion, that’s wrong.

Sanders isn’t the only one, many other Democrats refuse to take a stand against this violence. Obama even encouraged it, by saying that people protested his win, which they did not at any scale comparable to this. We may not have liked that he won, but we accepted it.

The problem is not the conservatives, or independents, it’s the liberals. They continue to try to undermine the American people’s vote for Donald Trump, and have done so by kicking and screaming and throwing tantrums and being hypocrites.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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