WATCH – Jason Chaffetz NAILS It!! If Clinton Emails Were ‘Mistake,’ Why is Everyone…

Jason Chaffetz is just not willing to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information, which placed our national security at risk, even though the Justice Department is happy to do so. The Utah Representative’s latest comment about Hillary puts the entire email scandal into perfect perspective!

“If this was just a mistake, why is everyone pleading the Fifth [Amendment] and getting immunity deals?” Jason Chaffetz said about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

The House Oversight Committee member challenged Hillary Clinton to look Americans in the eye and come clean about her private server and email antics—once and for all.

“Right now, we can’t get to that truth,” Chaffetz said.

Since the key players in the email scandal, who were all top level staffers for the secretary of state, were granted immunity by the FBI, none of them should be afraid to talk to Congress.

But they are, they oh, so are. Hillary’s IT guy, Paul Combetta, has now ignored TWO subpoenas to appear before the governing body.

Cheryl Mills walked around for an entire year after the FBI seized and was supposedly thoroughly reviewing Hillary Clinton’s emails BEFORE she was offered immunity.

By that time, the FBI had presumably read all of the emails and known what role, if any, Mills had played in the mishandling of classified information.

Cheryl Mills was not only granted immunity from the Justice Department, but she was also given immunity in the investigation of obstruction in reference to the deleting of emails after Hillary was ordered to preserve documents on her server and thumb drives, Chaffetz noted.

There was absolutely no incentive or logical reason for the FBI to offer Cheryl Mills immunity from prosecution to get her to talk freely about what was going on inside Hillary’s state department office.

If a regular American who had no connection to Hillary Clinton had dared to ignore a subpoena, he or she would soon be enjoying three hots and cot in a federal prison cell.

Jason Chaffetz got it right again when he said Americans are “worried Lady Justice has a little different blindfold when dealing with the Clintons.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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