WATCH – Joy Behar Goes On Live TV, Says UNTHINKABLE About Clinton Rape Victims

For a party that is so upset with Donald Trump for what he said, I am simply amazed at the callousness in which they treat the women that were actually assaulted and/or raped by Bill Clinton.

Joy Behar sank to an all-time low today when she actually called these women “tramps,” and then laughed about it.

Even more disgusting than her comments is the fact the liberal audience broke out in laughter with her instead of being morbidly upset she said this!

Mind you, this is five women on a set that are there with nothing but the best for women in their heart… yeah right!

It goes, once again, to the double standard that everything Bill did was perfectly okay, but Trump is a horrible person.

Four, count them, four of the women that have had their lives altered forever by the abusive Clintons were in the audience last night to show their support over Hillary and Bill. They wanted to be front and center so people could put faces to the names of the victims of the Clintons.

Then, Joy Behar, in her infinite wisdom, calls them Tramps on live TV! How does this woman still have a TV show? How was she not immediately taken off the set and terminated?

Will we get some faked apology now? How can she ever possibly recover from this? If I were Trump, I would turn this clip into an ad right now to literally show the hypocrisy of liberals.

This is the same woman that has constantly called out Trump for being a disgusting, chauvinist pig, yet she disgraces the very women who had their lives taken away from them by Bill Clinton. One look at Juanita discussing the rape is all you need to see these women are far from tramps, but rather victims that still have not yet healed!

Joy, you are a complete disgrace and should NEVER be in the public eye again! Your disgusting attempt at humor showed the public what you and your party are really about!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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