Watch: Judge Jeanine Issues THIS Challenge to Hillary Voters – If People See THIS, Trump Will Win

In her Justice show on Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro doesn’t waste time on trivialities and quickly gets to what’s important in an outspoken and clever way. She mentioned a significant forecast for the U.S. future if Hillary Clinton somehow gets in the White House; an interesting and crucial point which is avoided by liberal and mainstream media.

VIA Angry Patriot

“For all of you women out there who that electing a female president will lift us all up, just ask yourself if electing an African-American president lifted up the blacks in this country or made race relations better. It’s time to face reality and the ugly truth of the world we live in and how we survive in it,” Judge Jeanine said.

Before Barack Obama took office, making him the first bi-racial president in the history of the country, he was billed as the first “post racial president.”

Entire neighborhoods were destroyed by Black Lives Matter protesters and paid activists who crashed store windows, looted minority-owned small businesses, and event sat fire to a church in Ferguson.

Next came the Baltimore riots, where tens of thousand of dollars worth of damage also occurred – at the same stores local “protesters” utilized to buy food and other necessary goods for their families, and to earn a paycheck.

What began in Ferguson after white police officer Darren Wilson defended his own life after being attacked by a black teenager accused of attacking a store owner has continued on in one form or another ever since.

The racial unrest and riots which have occurred since President Obama took office have been largely blamed for the hate crime in Dallas which led to the assassinations of six police officers – leaving more than 10 other local heroes injured.

“Hillary Clinton and her husband are fundamentally dishonest, and whether or not you buy the liar’s convention theme of stronger together, you still have to deal with the issues confronting America,” Pirro added.

Judge Jeanine also boldly stated Hillary and the entire DNC Convention an exercise in “political theater” which only gave “lip service to unity and oneness.”

At one more so-called “historuc” convention of the Democratic Party, Clinton persistantly and resolutely payed on the woman card, while her liberal supporters and political associates attempted to make her seem a better person in front if the United States citizens.

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