WATCH – Judge Jeanine Issues URGENT Warning for Christians, Let’s Spread This Everywhere!

Judge Jeanine Pirro, who has a long history of fighting against abuse of women, doubled-down on her support for Donald Trump AND called out Hillary Clinton during the most recent airing of her show. Pirro made some bold statements when depicting who and who would not be embraced during a second coming of the Clinton administration.

“I’ve got news for you. You may not have a place in Hillary Clinton’s America,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said to her Christian and female viewers. “She has her own war on women.”

The Fox News host then ran a clip of a Hillary campaign video where she claimed some folks might not have a place in America if Donald Trump is elected. If she is talking about illegal immigrants and improperly vetted Muslim refugees, she might, for once, be right.

Pirro cited as evidence the plethora of comments Bill Clinton sexual assault accusers have made about the treatment they personally endured thanks to Hillary. Judge Jeanine went on to maintain that Mrs. Clinton is also an opponent of religious freedom.

The women who claimed Bill Clinton raped, sexually assaulted, or had an affair with them were reportedly subject to horrific and very public character assassination attempts at the behest of Hillary Clinton. Two of the women Hillary attempted to destroy in the press were ultimately vindicated when Bill was finally forced to admit he had engaged in sexual activity with them.

“She even has her own war on religion. The woman is utterly against religious liberty,” Judge Jeanine added.

Pirro went on to cite a multitude of examples of “anti-Christian bigotry” by Hillary Clinton. As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, leaked Clinton campaign emails mocked both the Catholic faith and evangelical Christians.

“Are any of you confident that this woman will appoint Supreme Court justices who are going to protect your First Amendment religious liberty?” Judge Jeanine asked during the same episode of her show. The next president will definitely be appointing one Supreme Court nominee and possibly two more before the end of a first term in office.

“I’ve told you I knew Donald Trump for 25 years,” Pirro added while defending Trump’s character. “I’ve been with him in family, party, business and public events. I’ve never, ever, heard him talk or act the way his accusers claim he did. Period. End of the story.”

Pirro, like millions of other voters, wants to get past the unproven and bombastic claims by the sudden “groping” accusations against Trump and discuss issues that really matter to American citizens and our families.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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