WATCH: Judge Jeanine Just Put Out A Huge 3-Word Call To Every American Some Will Hate Her For

Judge Jeanine Pirro made it clear to Americans that the responsibility for their protection and safety now falls in their hands.

Get a gun. Because this government ain’t in a position to help,” she said on Saturday night’s Justice With Judge Jeanine, while also advocating for those on terror watch lists to lose their Second Amendment rights.

“It’s real simple. You don’t like America. You want to cheer as the World Trade Center comes down. You want to meet with a known suicide bomber? OK – then you’ve given up your rights at the altar of American freedom,” she said. “If there is a terror investigation on any level – you lose your right to fly, your right to buy a gun and your right to privacy.”

Pirro said the federal government needs to do more to assure the safety of all Americans, from greater collaboration and less competition, to a greater willingness to take a jaundiced view of what suspects say.

After noting that the FBI interviewed Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen three times, she said, “Mateen told them his anti-American comments were simply a response to what he perceived as anti-Muslim comments. He was turning the tables on us while basically tapping into our politically correct Islamophobic guilt.”

Her bottom was clear.

“I don’t want to hear there’s nothing the FBI could have done differently, especially when they keep telling us more terror attacks are coming. So you just sit back and say we couldn’t stop it?” she said.

She said that people on a watch list should be watched and face curtailed rights.

“And pray tell why does the FBI even remove people from a terror watch list? If there’s no probable cause to make a criminal case, then don’t arrest the guy,” she said. “But don’t use our freedoms as a rationalization to free people up who want to kill us and take them off the list. … Why can’t you have a list? You’re not locking them up, you’re not convicting them of a crime, you’re not jailing them. You are simply stopping them from buying a gun.”

h/t: Fox News

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