WATCH – Judge Jeanine Just Turned the Tables on Hillary Clinton, WOW!

Liberals have attacked our Second Amendment rights for many years, and now they are going after our free speech rights too. The entire country is being turned into a liberal college campus, discouraging the exercise of First Amendment rights and the ability to dissent from political correctness. Judge Jeanine Pirro just took sharp issue with the nasty labels being cast about by liberals during this election cycle.

“I know you have double-vision and memory problems—documented by the FBI—but your hypocrisy is stunning. You’re the ‘hater.’ You’re the one who said ‘we are above all that,’” Judge Jeanine said in on-air comments directed at Hillary Clinton.

The Fox News host soundly denounced Hillary’s claims that Donald Trump is causing racial unrest and being divisive.

“Hillary is so desperate for the black vote that she insists on creating race issues,” Judge Jeanine added after playing a video clip of the former First Lady accusing Donald Trump of “describ[ing] the black community in such insulting and ignorant terms.”

Pirro also accurately stated Donald Trump is allowed to speak to members of minority communities and point out how abysmally liberal policies have failed them, and that he should not be called a purveyor of hate by Hillary’s surrogates for outlining how he will serve them better.

If a conservative disagrees with a liberal or offers a solution to a problem not coinciding with the Democrat narrative, Hillary and her useful idiots, along with the mainstream media, immediately try to mock and degrade that conservative into silence.

“This week, Hillary’s all better, and she and her surrogates call on all Americans, all but us ‘deplorables,’ to stand up and repudiate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric—through their own divisive rhetoric!” Pirro also said.

Diversity of thought and the free, unpunished expression of beliefs is nearly dead in the United States of America.

“You [Hillary and liberals] choose to create division—you look for a target: the police, Donald Trump, a common enemy. Then, you promise the world, and you have the gall to actually say ‘imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world…who sees someone who doesn’t look like him and agree with him and thinks that person must not be a real America.’”

Liberals and the mainstream media are attempting to stifle the ability of Donald Trump and his legions of supporters to defend themselves—and the principle this country was founded upon. We the People will respond to their un-American antics on election day!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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