WATCH – Judge Jeanine NUKES Hillary With 1 Powerful Sentence

As Hillary Clinton ramps up the political rhetoric on the campaign trail, one of her cornerstone talking points is that she is a champion for women. Cloaking herself in the vision of the “first female president,” she is pandering to gender in an effort to become the second in a line of hollow “historic” Democrat candidates.

Truth be told, Hillary Clinton is about as much a champion of women’s rights as the Taliban. She has, throughout the total of her public life – and then even before – sought to smear, marginalize and demonize any woman who threatens her political and/or personal well-being. As FNC’s Jeanine Pirro said on her show Justice, “You don’t support women, you destroy them.”

Indeed, from demonizing a 12-year old rape victim and a lawyer in Arkansas to creating a “war room” in the White House whose function was to deflect, demean, and destroy any woman who dared speak about being sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton doesn’t think twice about “eliminating” any women who stand between her power and wealth.

An accurate understanding of Hillary Clinton’s history proves beyond doubt that she is the true misogynist in the 2016 presidential race. In fact, it is as if she is projecting her misogyny onto her opponent to shield herself from her own past.

“You don’t support women, you destroy them.” Pirro said in her opening statement, directing her words to Clinton personally. And she went into a long list of specifics that prove – beyond doubt – that Clinton is executing a con on America’s women.

“Whether it’s all the women who accused your husband of serial marital infidelities, sexual harassment or, yes, rape,” she thundered, “instead of protecting that 12-year-old, protecting a college intern, protecting a woman who claimed to be raped; your job – ruin them, destroy any woman who gets in the way of your ambition; none of it the predator’s fault. The war room created to assault the right-wing, the crazy women desperate for attention, who wanted publicity – like Gennifer Flowers who you said you’d like to ‘crucify.’”

Pirro went on to quote Hillary Clinton when she referred to Flowers – a 12 year sexual conquest of her serial sexual predator Bill Clinton’s – as “trailer trash.” She also quoted Clinton when she called Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon.” That declaration was negated when Bill Clinton’s semen was found on Lewinski’s infamous blue dress.

She went on to mention Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and the plethora of rape victims left on the proverbial “side of the road” by Bill Clinton before and during his presidency.

Hillary Clinton has referred to each of her husband’s sexual conquests – from Lewinski to Flowers, Broaddrick to Willey, Furtwängler to Stronach, Robson, Post, Duff, Gracen, Purdue, Browning, and Jones, among dozens of others known and unknown – as “bimbos.”

The most important part of Pirro’s statement was her direct appeal to the American female voter. “She’s gaming you, folks. She takes money from countries who stone women for adultery to death. They kill them.”

With all of these anti-woman acts; all of these blatantly misogynistic deeds, it is stunning that the female electorate in the United States is so gender-blind as to support this woman. It is stunning to think that women will vote for someone who would hate them so very much would they not think in lock-step with her whim.

Wake-up females of America!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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