Oh no, it’s over for crooked Hillary. She is done people. Everybody can see it now, everybody who can find out about it, because mainstream media are protecting her from the American people!

It is time she to be putted under investigation and indicted and that time is finally come.

She was hit with some devastating news this week when 296 pages of previously unreleased emails were finally made public. Now, experts are saying that the emails contain at least three clear-cut cases in which Clinton broke the law by lying under oath.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation in the VIDEO BELOW, courtesy of Western Journalism:

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Mrs. Clinton has said three times under oath, once in writing to a federal judge, quote ‘under penalty of perjury’ is in the statement, twice under oath before the Benghazi Committee that she surrendered all of her work-related emails to the State Department pursuant to the State Department’s request for them. The FBI found, according to Director Comey, thousands of work-related emails still on the server, not surrendered – some of which she tried to destroy. This morning we have another 240 which were in the possession of Huma Abedin, her aide, which had not been surrendered. So we have three clear-cut instances of lying to tribunals; a federal judge, a congressional committee, all three times under oath. Do you think, dear Stuart, that she will be prosecuted for perjury? These are slam-dunk cases! Any of us, Ashley you or me would be prosecuted had we done this!

Not shockingly, the mainstream media is not reporting on Clinton’s perjury, but rather Donald Trump’s Second Amendment comments.

NAPOLITANO: But is she so corrupt, is she so deceptive that when evidence supporting it comes out, we don’t even consider it anymore? And this woman wants to be President of the United States! 

STUART VARNEY: That’s where we are. That’s exactly where we are.

NAPOLITANO: It’s a dreadful state of affairs when evidence of her corruption fails to shock and fails to make the front page.


We need to vote for Trump, we don’t need another Obama in the White House, and even Obama was much better compared to crooked Hillary, instead of going to better candidates, democrats are going south all the time!

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