WATCH – Judge Napolitano’s Epic TAKEDOWN of Hillary Goes Viral in MINUTES

Judge Andrew Napolitano is such a pure joy to watch. The no nonsense retired judge critiques the legal-based stories in the news cycle using an unbiased recanting of pertinent law while exhibiting a strong sense of right and wrong as he lays out his argument for or against the appropriate response or punishment that should be handed down.

“If you’re talking about the seriousness of the information destroyed and the amount of information destroyed, what happened at the hands of people working for or at the direction of Mrs. Clinton was far worse than an 18-and-a-half-minute gap on President Nixon’s internal office recording equipment,” Judge Napolitano said.

Judge Napolitano was reflecting on Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence’s comment comparing Hillary Clinton’s email scandal to the antics that led to Richard Nixon tendering his resignation from the Oval Office.

According to Napolitano and many other current and former attorneys, judges, and prosecutors, Hillary should have not only been indicted, but she should have been found guilty on two separate charges.

The judge said Clinton was guilty of “failure to secure state secrets and obstructing justice by deleting tens of thousands of emails despite preservation orders and a congressional subpoena.”

Patriots and Napolitano also appear to agree that the FBI’s decision not to indict Hillary came from some person of power outside of the federal agency.

Andrew Napolitano feels “somebody in the White House” was definitely pulling the strings, otherwise the law would have been applied both justly and fairly.

“At the outset of the investigation, a decision was made by someone, somewhere, that it would end up exonerating Mrs. Clinton,” Judge Napolitano added.

Justice is supposed to be blind, and we are all supposed have been created equal in America.

The Clinton double standard has to come to an end now before it is too late and we have a conniving liar of a career politician back at the helm, prepared to run America aground and deprive We the People of its potential return to greatness for decades to come.

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