WATCH – Just After Debate, Trump Campaign Releases THIS Video to END Hillary’s Hopes

Last night was a great evening for the Trump/Pence ticket. First, the former Indiana Governor soundly defeated the snarky liberal, Tim Kaine, and then Official Team Trump released another revealing viral campaign video.

It took just a few seconds for Mike Pence to drop a truth bomb on live television that the mainstream media couldn’t hide and the Hillary Clinton campaign will struggle immensely to recover from…

There are many differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but the most important one was clearly and succinctly revealed last night on the VP debate stage.

Donald Trump loves America and will put OUR country and We the People first. Hillary Clinton… not so much.

As Mike Pence noted, Hillary’s arrogant nature is consistently getting in the way of her campaign.

She levies a plethora of “isms” against us if we do not subscribe to her liberal and politically correct view of society.

Donald Trump supporters are not real Americans in Hillary’s view—we are just ignorant, uneducated rednecks who need to be put in her deplorables basket and placed down in the basement with Bernie’s supporters never to be heard from again!

By Tim Kaine’s owned flawed admissions during the debate, both he and Hillary are eager to put the needs and safety of illegal immigrants and improperly vetted Muslim refugees ABOVE the well-being of American citizens.

But don’t worry, the politically correct liberal duo is committed to fighting the “real” threat to our safety and security—climate change. If you were worried about getting beheaded by a strong warm breeze, fret no longer.

It boils down to this folks—do you want a president who respects you and values patriotism or one who thinks “nationalism” is a dirty word?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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