WATCH – Kaine LIES About Trump, So Pence OBLITERATES Him On Live TV

Lies, lies, lies… that and twisting is what I heard come out of the mouth of Tim Kaine last night.

After hearing Kaine take multiple Trump comments out of context regarding his “insults” to people, Pence dropped a truth bomb on him when he said that was “small potatoes” compared to Hillary calling half of Trump’s supporters, in essence, 25 percent of America, a “basket of deplorables”…

And this was also a perfect example of yet another Kaine lie.

He immediately chimed in that Hillary immediately apologized, when she in fact did not!

Her idea of an apology was that she never should have said “half,” but I never heard an I’m sorry come out of her mouth to Trump’s supporters at all!

Kaine also seems to forget Trump was a reality TV star for numerous years and in the public eye for his sensationalistic comments.

In other words, he was not being paid with our tax dollars and he was expected to create ratings!

Kaine pointed to Trump’s stump speech about Mexicans, but he cherry picked a few words to make Trump sound as though he is a racist.

The fact of the matter is Trump was referring to criminals coming across the border, but neglected to say how Trump said there are plenty of good Mexicans that are already here and that want to come here.

Hillary has called African Americans super predators… how much worse does it get than that?

So, take the 25 percent of Americans she insulted with her deplorables comment and add another 13 percent or so for African Americans she has insulted, and Hillary has ripped over a third of the people living in this country LEGALLY!

But don’t worry folks, because she wants to be the champion of the 16 million or so people that have come here illegally!

How do people fall for this?

How can any American that is out of work and struggling to pay his or her bills look at last night and think Kaine thinks their needs are more important than people that broke the law to come here, and that are probably making more money?!!

Kaine put it all out there for everyone to see last night, I just hope people were smart enough to see through his smokescreen and venom to realize Pence was the ONLY person on that stage last night that truly wants to help Make America Great Again!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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