WATCH – Kaine Wants Amnesty for Illegals, So Gov. Pence DESTROYED Him With 7 Short Words

Tim Kaine revealed he and Hillary Clinton have absolutely no intention of putting Americans first if We the People put Democrats into the White House again. The liberal vice presidential candidate proved career politicians have absolutely no realistic idea about how to put the country back to work.

A “nation without borders is not a nation,” Mike Pence bluntly said as the obvious to Tim Kaine during the vice presidential debate.

While interrupting Governor Mike Pence about 70 times during the debate, Kaine shockingly focused far more on the “rights” and feelings of the 16 million illegal immigrants currently living in the US than the America taxpayers who swore an oath to serve—and who also fund his salary.

What do Tim Kiane and Hillary Clinton plan to do on the important national security and economic drain issue?

Well, they will embark on “comprehensive immigration reform,” of course.

The liberal buzzwords did not resonate well with Governor Pence, and he repeatedly called Kaine out on the favored status he and Hillary wish to apply to folks who broke federal law when they illegally crossed the border.

“What you just heard is that [Clinton-Kaine] has a plan for open borders and amnesty,” Pence said, dubbing the liberal plan just more of the same old “Capitol Hill routine.”

Perhaps the best line of the incredible debate came when Kaine accused Donald Trump of planning to create a “deportation force.”

Pence, who was quick on the uptake all evening, informed Kaine that such a force already existed and noted it was called the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

As the Indiana Governor aptly noted, the United States Border Patrol Association, the union that represents the agents on the front lines of the illegal immigration battle, has endorsed Donald Trump.

The Trump endorsement was the first time in the history of the association that its leaders and members had come out in support of a presidential candidate.

“Donald Trump is committed to restoring borders of this nation,” Mike Pence said while looking directly into the camera.

We cannot keep our families safe or rebuild the economy if we do not have a safe nation—and that cannot be accomplished without securing our porous borders and enforcing existing federal law.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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