WATCH – Keith Scott’s Family Watches Shooting Video, Instantly People Notice Something Odd

The attorney retained by Keith Lamont Scott’s family has been busy weaving and dodging some extremely simple questions since he got on the case. Moments after the lawyer and Scott’s relatives viewed the police video footage of the fatal shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, reporters were waiting for them outside the police department to find out what exactly they saw on the recordings.

“Um….gee…there’s a lot of things there…we’ll evaluate them before we make a formal statement to the public,” said the Keith Scott family attorney when asked if the video revealed that the fatally wounded ex-convict had a gun. Hmmm, that sounds like NO COMMENT to me!

The Scott family said via their attorney they had more questions than answers after watching the video.

Keith Lamont Scott was reportedly shown walking backwards from the police officer who had ordered him to stop—that was his first mistake.

The Charlotte man then reportedly continued refusing to comply with repeated verbal orders to stop and likely get down on the ground and put his hands behind his back—standard police protocol and Scott’s second mistake.

What happened next we do not know for sure since local officials have declined to share the video with the public.

However, that lack of access surely does not mean the police officer, who was also black, did anything wrong.

Quite to the contrary. If the Keith Lamont Scott family saw even an inkling of perceived criminal action by the officer in the two videos, their attorney would have likely called for a press conference on the steps of the police department moments after the tape stopped rolling.

At worst, and taking into consideration the Scott family’ desire to have the videos released to the public, the footage is inconclusive and only shows the actions leading up to the fatal shooting and not the moment when the officer drew his gun—or else the family would not still have questions about what happened.

Still photos shot by bystanders during the Charlotte police shooting clearly show a gun on the ground near Scott—and it was not the officer’s firearm.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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