WATCH – Kellyanne Conway OBLITERATES Hillary’s Campaign Manager With EPIC 12-Word Slam

Even though Trump has won the White House, the left is still criticizing how he ran his campaign. Kellyanne Conway has been questioned about the campaign she led, but the questioning liberal got shut down!

When Kellyanne Conway went on CNN with Robby Mook and Jake Tapper, they discussed how fake news played a role in Trump’s victory. Then Conway replied, “I think the biggest fake news was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.”

The mainstream media discounted Trump from the day he went down the escalator and announced his candidacy. Many in the media even laughed at the idea Trump could occupy the White House.

Kellyanne played a big role in Trump’s victory and was clearly the right pick to manage the campaign. She has likely earned an influential role in the Trump White House. Here we have a strong female that did something amazing and she is given no respect in the mainstream media.

The left cannot understand that they lost their election because they had a candidate who represented corruption, lying, and pay-to-play politics. They do not understand that their candidate should have been in jail instead of running for President.

Instead, they put their loss on “fake news.” They say that voters did not pick Hillary because they were misinformed by media outlets. This is just the mainstream media crying because they realize they are losing influence in our society– because they are the liars.

Many conservative websites like Breitbart are challenging the status quo of the news media and are taking viewership away from the mainstream media outlets. The real fake news is exposed in alternative news sources.

For example, the polls were fake. Even days before the election, Trump was shown to have less than 25 per cent odds of winning the presidency. That is because the mainstream media used poor techniques for polling– likely intentionally.

The mainstream media is the biggest author of fake news, because they skew everything to the left. How dare they say that they are the arbiters of what is news and what is not. Now you have social media companies like Facebook trying to be the arbiters of what news is.

Now, more than ever, we need conservatives to support conservative media outlets because the mainstream media sees their business models crumbling. This means that they are going to do everything they can to dismiss conservative websites as “fake news” because they do not agree with what they are reporting.

Listen, mainstream media, conservatives have every right under the first amendment to have a voice. You do not get to define what news is. In fact, you are the worst entity to be deciding what news is, because you have had that job for a while and have demonstrated that you are terrible at it.

Do not insult the American people by telling them they are too stupid to decide what real news is. They are perfectly capable of hearing what a news outlet has to say and picking out the truth from the lies. The American people rejected Clinton as a candidate and now they are rejecting you as the place where they get the news.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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