Watch: Krauthammer Just Exposed What Trump’s Mexico Trip REALLY Means, It’s Terrible News For Hillary

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer said Donald Trump appeared “presidential” after his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Washington Post columnist, who has often criticized the GOP nominee for his tone and candor, declared that Trump took a big risk by accepting an invitation to meet with the Mexican leader in Mexico City, but concluded “he pulled it off.”

“The thing the Clinton campaign plays on is that it’s hard to imagine him to be president, to be presidential,” Krauthammer told the program’s panel.

“Here he is, standing on the world stage with a world leader, this is a big step. He not only held his own, I think in some ways he sort of dominated,” he said.

The Fox News contributor added: “The Mexican president was rather defensive asking for respect. Trump, I thought, spoke well.”

Commenting on Trump’s joint press conference with Peña Nieto, following an impromptu, hour-long meeting that Trump accepted on short notice this week, Krauthammer praised Trump for being in control.

“At the very end when they took questions, it was Trump who took charge,” he said. “He’s sitting in the palace of the President of Mexico, this never happens.”

“Normally it’s the host who picks the journalist,” Krauthammer concluded. “He walked off the stage as the dominant guy … I think he really helped himself.”

On Thursday’s Special Report, Krauthammer said, in his evaluation of Trump’s immigration speech in Phoenix Wednesday, that the GOP nominee had “softened” a bit in regards to mass deporting illegal immigrants, despite the “bombast” of his remarks.

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