Watch: Latino Radio Host SLAMS Hillary With Shock Of Her Life During Live Interview ‘You’re A Crook’

Latino radio host Enrique Santos is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for her, his family does not feel the same way.

“My father’s voting for Trump because he says he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook, and my brother says you should go to jail,” said Santos, speaking with Clinton over the phone Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show.

“What would you say to them? How would you convince them to sit on your side of the field? Why is Hillary Clinton the right choice for America?” asked Santos.

Hillary responded by imploring members of his family, as well as people around the country who feel, to ignore the negative information about her.

“Well, number one, I would ask them not to be listening to the negative attacks that have been relentless against me,” she began. “In fact, go back and look when I was Secretary of State, I was highly approved, 66 percent of Americans approved, they trusted me.”

“Just now, in the New York primary, I won by 16 points, people who know me don’t pay attention to the kind of untrue attacks that are in the media against me that come out of Donald Trump and other Republicans, look at what I have done, look at the record that I have,” Clinton added.

Many would likely argue, however, that while some people did indeed trust Clinton, it was ultimately her record that caused Americans to become wary of her.

Not only is Clinton unable to list any tangible accomplishments during her time as secretary of state, it was under her tenure that ISIS grew into a sizable threat and expanded into Libya after the Obama administration toppled the nation.

Clinton’s time is office was also rife with scandals, including the the deletion and improper handling of classified information verified by the State Department’s own inspector general, allegations of bribery, allegations of corruption via speaking fees, and the Benghazi disaster.

Clinton may wish to sweep these issues under the rug, but asking people to look back on her record seems to be a rather cynical approach to a very real concern for many Americans.

h/t: American Mirror

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