WATCH – Latino Trump Fan GOES OFF on Hillary In THIS Viral Video, Millions Agree!!

There is an awakening happening in the United States. It crosses all demographics, income levels, genders, religions, and races. People are awakening to the fact that we are perilously close to the extinction of our republic.

A great example of one of those who have woken up to the facts about the threats to our nation comes in the form of a short video by Latino Trump supporter “Deplorable OT.” In his short Twitter rant, he rightfully calls out the mainstream media for running interference for Hillary Clinton and the progressive agenda. He rightly identifies how close we are to losing it all.

The overarching question related to this awakening is this: are enough people waking up to the threats fast enough and in great enough numbers to reverse the trend? Or is it too late?

“Wikileaks drops another bomb on Hillary Clinton,” Deplorable OT (DOT) said. “And do we hear about it on the news? Is it on every single news channel, on every single front page of every newspaper? No. Do you know why? Because the mainstream media is in bed with Hillary Clinton. They’re part of the problem.”

DOT opines on the complete lack of integrity in the field of journalism and rightly identifies an overwhelming majority of “journalists” – people who are supposed to chronicle news and record the “who, what, why, when, where, and how” of event – are ideologues.

These ideologues routinely inject their emotions and their opinions into hard news stories, but that betrays the mission of the job. Journalists (read: reporters) are supposed to divorce their emotions from the story so as to maintain fidelity to the facts.

This injection of emotion and opinion is not a natural societal progression—it is learned. A current journalism student at Columbia University told me, personally, that journalism professors teach to insert opinion, supposition, and conjecture into news reporting.

Because we have a 24/7/365 news media that needs “breaking news” and “exclusives” to attract sponsorships and thus create revenue, sensationalism is the order of the day. And when editors and producers need sensationalism to sell ad time, this fosters an atmosphere that promotes opinion over fact.

With journalism schools – and colleges and universities in general – tilting off the planet to progressive ideology, newly graduated “journalists” are turbo-charging their progressive indoctrination to “make it” in the news business.

The only way to combat this propaganda and misinformation campaign by the mainstream media is to literally inform and then punish the sponsors who buy ad time on the most egregious “news” networks. That will serve as a shot across the bow.

As DOT said, “The time is now. We either fight and take back our country; we either expose these people, shame them, and make them report the truth, or we’re going to pretty much lose our country.”

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