WATCH: Latino Voters Make The Case For Donald Trump

GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has made tough enforcement of immigration laws a central theme of his campaign, but that hasn’t stopped many in the Latino community from pledging their support for the New York billionaire. Angelo Gomez, a Latino Trump supporter, put together a video explaining why he and many others have decided to vote for the real estate mogul.

“My name is Angelo Gomez and I have something very clear to say to the liberal media and Hillary Clinton: yes, I’m an American Latino who supports Donald Trump,” Gomez says. “Yes, I come from a family rooted in immigrants and I support Donald J. Trump to be the next president of the United States. I support Donald Trump with every ounce of my being for the very reasons that this country, that the Constitution, that this flag behind me was founded upon and that’s putting the American people first. That’s putting this country first.”

“His love for this country is so evident, that this man resembles our forefathers,” added Jeff Montes. “The reason that this country became great is because they loved their country more than anything else and that’s why I support Donald Trump.”

The video contains about a dozen other supporters, all of whom are hoping to disrupt the narrative that Donald Trump cannot win the support of Latino decent.

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