WATCH – Leaked 1993 Video Exposes Hillary’s SICK Plan To Destroy America, She Wants This Buried!

Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can in order to convince the people that she is not a bad person, that she doesn’t want to change the constitution and that she will save America. Well, numerous videos are continuing to surface which prove that Hillary will do exactly the opposite and that is destroy America.

Here is one video from 1993 that recently surfaced which shows what is Hillary’s plan for the Second Amendment.

VIA Angry Patriot

“I am all for that,” Hillary Clinton said when asked how she felt about a substantial federal excise tax on guns during a closed-door meeting with a Congressional committee in 1003.

Hillary called a 25 percent national sales tax on all guns purchase a “great idea” and noted her bafflement at what else could be done to curb gun violence, Americans for Tax Reform reports.

The bill’s sponsors effectively dubbed ALL American gun owners ”purveyors of violence,” a mindset that has only increased over time among the liberal contingent in Washington.

Then, Illinois Democrat Representative Mel Reynolds had proposed a bill to increase the 10 percent excise tax on handguns and 11 percent tax on all other firearms to 20 percent and 21 percent.

Hillary is shown nodding her head in agreement each and every time Reynolds professed a desire to gauge the American people and infringe upon the Second Amendment.

Rep. Reynolds shortly later told the media Hillary Clinton was “very enthusiastic” about increasing gun taxes in an effort to generate revenue for health care.

Applauding the robbing Peter to pay Paul WHILE reducing the ability of Americans to defend themselves against gun violence is perhaps one of the most evil and illogical things Hillary Clinton had done—at least up to that point in her life since Benghazi had not yet happened, of course.

You don’t remember this egregious bill because it never got out of committee, but the pendulum has been swinging decidedly left for the past eight years.

Well, if Hillary becomes President, she will pass another, very similar bill. We mustn’t allow this. We need a real patriot in the White House. We need DONALD TRUMP!

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