WATCH – Liberal Journalist Goes OFF-SCRIPT, Admits THIS About Hillary’s Health On Live TV

If the mainstream media are starting to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton’s health, the career politician will have little to no chance of winning the presidential election in November. Rumors that the Democrat Party leadership is going into crisis mode and planning a meeting to discuss replacing the former First Lady on the ticket are abound on social media.

“I think that she should go to a hospital, see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her,” said NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw during Meet The Press on Sunday morning.

Tom Brokaw better be careful—he could soon find himself out of a job just like Dr. Drew Pinsky did at CNN when he dared to utter “grave concerns” about Hillary Clinton’s health.

“This is not something that is going to be dealt with at her daughter’s apartment in the context of where we are,” Brokaw added, referencing the two hours Hillary spent behind closed doors at Chelsea’s apartment before emerging looking like the picture of health.

Someone who truly has any type of pneumonia would not collapse and then two hours later show no visible symptoms of being sick.

When Clinton walked outside, spreading her supposed pneumonia germs to a little girl she hugged on the sidewalk, she was all smiles and waving cheerily—not the behavior of someone who was overcome by the 78-degree “heat,” was dehydrated, and suffering from walking pneumonia. At least not anyone who has ever come down with the illness that I have ever seen.

Her staff claimed she was playing with her young grandchildren inside. What kind of cold-hearted grandmother would cuddle up with very young grandkiddos if she has a contagious illness?

Hillary’s campaign would likely have kept her supposed walking pneumonia diagnosis entirely under wraps if a bystander to her collapse had not captured the incident on video, which quickly went viral.

Clinton was being held up by her staff and a street pole while waiting on the unusual motorcade transport: a tall van that appeared in a recently published photo by the New York Times and appeared to contain a wheelchair and a motorized lift.

The press corps now following Hillary to all of her events and onto her new plane was corralled away from the waiting area and not reportedly permitted to leave their pen until the career politician was whisked away to Chelsea’s apartment.

Tom Brokaw is right—Hillary will have to subject herself to an examination by someone other than her private physician if there is any hope of We the People ever believing she is telling the truth about her health.

With Hillary’s long history of avoiding truth and transparency, it would likely take the review of a dozen doctors with their names chosen at random and their identities forever shielded from the Clintons for the test results to have even an ounce of authenticity.

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