WATCH – Liberals Thought They’re Smarter Than Trump Fans Until They Were Asked THIS Question

Ask any Hillary Clinton supporter how smart they are, and they almost always look down their noses and ridicule you for even daring to approach them. Their unbridled arrogance seeps from their pores.

However, when the Campus Reform Project went to Georgetown University and asked students at the top-rated university what about Hillary Clinton makes her admirable, the smugness suddenly disappeared. Each student who was approached immediately identified as a Clinton supporter, but when asked why and on what issues they based their decision, they all started to stutter.

This is the status quo among Clinton supporters. They have been so brainwashed by the media and indoctrinated by the higher education system that they believe they know Hillary Clinton is the better candidate for actual reasons.

That perceived reality meets a great pushback from common sense when they were confronted with the need to validate their support. In case after case, students struggled to come up with reasons why they supported the progressive Democrat candidate.

One student in a hammock was forced to admit he couldn’t think of a single reason why he supports Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. Another Hoya tried his hand at spinning an answer but failed miserably.

Students who were adamant in their support of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy were at a complete loss for why it was they thought they supported her.

Of course, this is a testimony to how brainwashed college kids can be today. They have been told that everything they do is fantastic and that they are as smart as can be. So, they have come to believe it. Then, when peer pressure moves them to, say, support a specific candidate, they do so without asking why they should.

Generations have been cheated out of developing critical thinking skills because they have been cheated out of learning from their own failures.

So, we have a sizable part of the electorate supporting Hillary Clinton with absolutely no idea why, all because the propagandist media have jammed “Hillary good, Trump bad” down their throats at every given opportunity.

Sadly, this is the world in which we live. In the last three weeks before the election, maybe we should all try to talk to at least one college-aged person to inform them on the true evil of Hillary Clinton and the progressive movement.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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