WATCH – Media REFUSES to Call Out Hillary’s NASTY Lie, So Trump Did It For Them!

The mainstream media have once again failed to live up to journalistic standards and furthered the death knell of the free press in America. Hillary Clinton made a lot of incorrect comments during the NBC town hall forum last night, but the biggest falsehood to come out of her mouth has not even been addressed by a single television news outlet.

“Four brave Americans lost their lives in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton falsely said tonight that we did not lose one American life in Libya. SAD!” Donald Trump said when sharing a video clip of the Democrat’s comments on Facebook.

The names of the four dead Americans, which Hillary Clinton couldn’t “recall,” are Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Chris Stevens.

Four other brave Americans were severely wounded while trying to save their lives, and the lives of at least one dozen more Americans huddled in fear at the covert CIA outpost in Benghazi.

Clinton would like voters to forget all about the Benghazi terror attack and to buy her lies claiming there is no blood on her hands and that she didn’t lie about a video being the cause of the attack, but the internet will not let her shove this scandal under the rug.

Hillary seems to have quite a deficiency when it comes to math.

After stating her vote in favor of the Iraq War was a mistake, she also said there would never again be “boots on the ground” in either Iraq or Syria.

Tsk, tsk, Hillary—your pal Obama has been shoving our brave soldiers back into that chaotic hellhole, without sufficient backup, for an entire year.

There are now more than 4,500 pairs of American boots on the ground in Iraq.

Obama also reportedly signed off on plans to send about 400 more soldiers back to Iraq over Labor Day weekend.

Yep, there are few hundred American servicemen and women currently assigned to an outpost in Syria as well.

If you tell the truth, like Donald Trump, it is impossible to get tangled up in lies and end up looking like a fool on national television.

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