WATCH – Mike Huckabee Just Used the ‘S-word’ To Describe Hillary, And People LOVED It!

Mike Huckabee is not a man known for coarse language, or name-calling of any kind. So, when the affable Christian former governor tosses out an insult, it tends to get noticed – by everyone other than the mainstream media, of course.

“Hillary Clinton is an elitist snob. She thinks she is smarter than you. She believes she is more sophisticated than you. She thinks the people who don’t agree with her are part of the great unwashed of America, and the best they can do is just fall in line,” Mike Huckabee said during an interview with Fox News.

Governor Huckabee is absolutely 100% correct – Hillary Clinton is indeed a world-class SNOB!

The former First Lady is about as arrogant as they come…maybe even Barack and Michelle Obama come in a close second to Hillary.

Hillary has been conditioned to believe the laws of the United States of America do not apply to her, or Bill, just to the little people who have paid their salaries for the past three decades.

Mrs. Clinton has not rubbed elbows with real people for the bulk of her adult life, yet still feels justified to tell us what we want, need, and deserve.

The Democrat has no shame. She wears a hideously ugly designer pantsuit on stage, likely purchased courtesy of her lucrative speaking fees to Wall Street executives, and lambastes Donald Trump for daring to become a successful job creator.

In addition to being a snob, the career politician must also have been allowed to believe she is smarter than the rest of us.

There is no other explanation for Hillary thinking she can utter repeated and ludicrous lies before We the People, while saying the polar opposite behind closed doors to the FBI – and get away with it.

After all, only a complete idiot would actually believe Hillary thought the “C” next to specific paragraphs in classified emails denoted the alphabetical order of the information – an “A” and “B” being totally absent from the same message, of course.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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