WATCH – Mike Pence Has Enough, EXPLODES Hillary’s Treason On Live TV!

One of the most devastating blows that happened to Hillary Clinton last night was when Pence exposed the Clinton Foundation as a pay-to-play organization.

While his comments about the tens of millions of dollars by foreign donors is important, I want you to watch what Kaine does when Pence is making his best points…

The moment Pence went into the illegalities of the donations, Kaine put his head on a swivel and eyeballed the moderator with a slight nod of the head.

She apparently did not see him because he continued to do it until she interrupted Pence on the topic, at which point Kaine gets a smile from ear-to-ear and a firm nod of the head, in essence saying, “Well done.”

First, let’s address the actual comments by Pence…

He states over half the meetings Hillary took as Secretary of State where by people that made big money donations to her foundation.

Foreigners and foreign governments “cannot participate in the American political process.”

This is flat out illegal patriots!

Which brings us to our second point…

Hillary committed treason!

This is something the FBI needs to investigate right now as there is proof positive this happened while she was holding that office!

Now, as to the rigging of the event.

We, along with many other people, saw Hillary’s signs to the moderator at the presidential debate, now Kaine has done the same thing.

If it happened only once, it might be a coincidence, but Hillary did it at least six times with the same response!

Last night, I saw Kaine do the same move at least four times with the moderator interrupting Pence on every occasion!

This is not conspiracy theory nonsense, because all you have do is rewatch the debate and you will see it all for yourself!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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