WATCH: Mike Pence’s Awesome Response When Asked To Defend Donald Trump’s Comments On Khan Family

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is on the campaign trail making the case for a Donald Trump presidency. At a recent campaign event n Nevada, the Vice-Presidential nominee was confronted by a military mother and asked to defend recent comments Trump directed at the family of Human Khan, a U.S. Army Captain killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2004.

“Time and time again, Trump has disrespected our nation’s armed forces and veterans, and his disrespect for Mr. Khan and his family is just an example,” the woman said to Pence. “You have a son in the military, how do you tolerate his disrespect?”

The crowd began to boo the questioner, but Pence called for calm.

“That’s what freedom looks like and that’s what freedom sounds like,” Pence told the jeering audience.

“I know this has been much in the news of late, in the last few days, but as I said last night as Donald Trump said Saturday night, Captain Khan is an American hero and we honor him and honor his family as we do all gold star families in this country,” Pence said, turning back to the woman who asked the question. “The story of Captain Khan is an incredibly inspiring story. June 8th, 2004 he would fall in Iraq…an explosive device in a taxi…He was awarded medals, posthumously, because like any great leader he…the accounts of that were that Captain Khan moved people out of the way, told them stay back and he went toward the danger.”

Pence then went on to directly address the woman’s concerns.

“The only other thing I would say to you is, having spent time with our nominee, I have never been around someone more devoted to the armed forces of this country, more devoted to the families of our soldiers, sailors, airmen marines and coast guard and no one more devoted to the veterans in this country,” Pence added. “Donald Trump supports our soldiers and supports our veterans like no other leader in my lifetime.”

Check out the video of Mike Pence’s answer above.


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