WATCH: Millions Of Catholics are emotionally shocked after seeing Trump’s Video Tribute To Mother Teresa, AMAZING!

Donald Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, has never been chastised by the newly canonized saint, Mother Teresa. Yep, that’s right. Mother Teresa never took issue with any of Trump’s words or deeds, but she once unleashed fury on Hillary Clinton after the then First Lady pushed her hubby to write an executive order to force taxpayers to fund abortions.

“Mother Teresa represented the best in all of us. She was a holy and pious woman, and I think it’s wonderful to see Catholics around the world honoring her many contributions.” – Donald Trump said in a now viral video heralding the plethora of good works Mother Teresa did, and urged others to do, while she graced the world with her presence.

Hillary Clinton surrogates have been busy highlighting their candidate’s “charitable” contributions this week.

Perhaps they wanted to detract from the Mother Teresa admonishment levied upon the career politician during the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994 before the beloved nun was granted sainthood by Pope Francis.

The Hillary surrogates were, of course, also attempting to justify the existence of the Clinton Foundation amid the mounting pay-to-play scandal.

While the Clinton Foundation does support three programs in the United States, the bulk of the money, donated largely by foreign donors, appears to be spent to aid folks outside of the United States, according to a review of information posted on the Clinton Foundation website.

When Hillary and Bill spend a single dime to help others, they tend to make sure the media is aware of their “kindness,” like all career politicians do.

The canonization of Mother Teresa once again calls into question Hillary’s supposed commitment to children  – and women as well. The time, fervent effort, and money she spent supporting abortion would have been far better spent actually helping children in foster care and hoping to get adopted and experience the joy of living in a loving home.

Donald Trump, having been a private citizens working and growing jobs in the real world until last summer when he threw his hat in the presidential ring, has given to charities AND rolled his sleeves up to help with flawed or failing municipal and community projects… for decades.

Trump has routinely given money to at least 24 highly-regarded charities, all of which I think Mother Teresa would approve of – and each support those in need right here in the United States – as well as around the world.

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