WATCH: Miss Alabama Said #Dallas COP Killer Was A ‘MARTYR’ – Hannity DROP KICKS Her Into Next Week

A TV host who was the first black woman to be crowned Miss Alabama joined Hannity to explain her conflicted feelings over the Dallas police shooting.

In a video posted Sunday morning, a crying Kalyn Chapman James called gunman Micah Johnson a “martyr” and said “I don’t feel sad for the officers,” but said she didn’t want to feel that way.

Fallout from the video caused widespread outrage and James was suspended from her job at a Florida TV station.

Sean Hannity told James she obviously didn’t value human life, because otherwise she would not have said those things.

“Their families will never see their loved ones again, and you said you don’t feel bad for them,” he said.

James said that in her video she was dealing with her “emotions that were in progress at that time.”

“I was really conflicted and very sad that I was finding it hard to go into my heart, to be true to my values of valuing human life at that time because I had just witnessed atrocities against these men,” she said, adding that she feels bad for the officers now.

As for the comment that Johnson was a martyr, James said that she meant he had died for a cause, although it wasn’t one she believes in.

“I have a big heart,” James said.

“It didn’t sound it like in that video. You didn’t sound like a big-hearted person,” Hannity fired back.

James said he was entitled to his opinion on that.

Watch the intense exchange above.

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