WATCH: Mom Says She “Lost It” After What Trump Did to Pic of Her Son Killed by Illegal

Sabine Durden had almost lost hope. Her son Dominic, a dispatcher with the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Department, was killed by an illegal immigrant who was an unregistered driver with two previous DUIs. Yet, nobody in Washington would listen to her.

“A week before (Donald Trump) announced his candidacy, I was so depressed,” Durden told Breitbart. “No one cared about our stories, no one talked about my permanently separated family. I had no more family here, and I contemplated suicide. Donald Trump saved my life.”

That’s why the mother went to last Wednesday’s Trump rally in Anaheim, California, with a picture of her beloved son. She didn’t expect a lot, but she says she “lost it” when Trump kissed his picture and signed her poster.

Footage shot by Durden shows just what happened after the rally:

“It came from his heart,” Durden said. “We were not in front of a big audience. He was on his way out of the building and we were off to the side … It was such a touching, and very genuine and tender moment and it shows what a kind, gentle, and very caring man he is.”

As for the presidential race itself, Durden says, “He’s our last hope for our country to ever recover,” adding, “He gave me the boost I needed to keep going and keep telling Dominic’s story.”

When it comes to charges Trump is a bigot or a bully because of his campaign against illegal immigration, Durden disagrees.

“Donald Trump has always been so very kind,” said Durden, who once wrote an open letter to President Obama. “People call him racist, and he’s none of that. My son Dominic was half black … and Donald Trump has always been so very gentle and concerned about how I feel and how I am doing.”

She says the real bully is Hillary Clinton, and her extreme stance on illegal immigration.

“During one of the Democratic debates, Hillary Clinton openly announced what she was going to do to help illegal families be united again,” Durden recalled

“She kept saying what she would do for illegal families, and I got so angry because we have American families that need help. We have American families that have been affected by illegal aliens, and Hillary never talks to us, and never talks about our stories or even about the issue. She’s the bully.”

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