WATCH – MSNBC Finally Has Enough, TAKES DOWN Hillary on Live TV with Just 5 Words

Twice this week the mainstream media have given Donald Trump his due. The bizarre lack of bias by television pundits comes less than one month before Election Day – perhaps they now realize the outsider candidate will likely be the next president of the United States. Earlier this week, the media voluntarily admitted even reporters are failing to show up to Hillary rallies in record numbers.

“Get off your high horse,” said liberal MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski when offering some sound advice to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Brzezinski, one of the co-hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, astutely pointed out, much to the chagrin of liberals, that Donald Trump did nothing illegal when utilizing the same tax deductions all real estate professionals and business owners have access to in an effort to reduce fear of loss while launching new investments.

“So, I just noticed a confidence here that I don’t think should be there among the campaign,” Mika said when commenting on a video clip of Hillary mocking Donald Trump during a rally in Ohio earlier this week.

According to the unverified pages of a 1995 Trump tax form, the businessman reported nearly $1 billion in losses in 1995, which MAY have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for the past 18 years.

Hillary has been chastising Donald Trump for taking the tax breaks available to him while vowing to reform the bulky, complicated, and unfair IRS tax code.

“I think voters liked what they saw with Donald Trump, and I’m very worried about that,” Mika Brzezinski said when noting the Republican and Democrat presidential candidates have both legally taken advantage of the existing system, but only Trump has been honest and upfront about it.

As the Morning Joe host noted, the exact same thing can be said about Hillary Clinton’s action in the not so distant past.

Hillary has been raking in big, big bucks by making closed doors speeches to her Wall Street cronies while at the same time promising to reform Wall Street.

“It’s the same thing and that’s what people see. People see somebody being honest about it and someone kind of, like, not mentioning it but still doing it. I’m telling you people don’t, they are not feeling a complete connection with her, and it doesn’t help to get all high and mighty,” Brzezinski said, looking perplexed by the antics of her party’s candidate.

Mika is worried about Hillary’s chances of winning—and she should be. Americans are tired of politics as usual and corrupt, lying career politicians!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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