WATCH – MSNBC Tries To Get Hispanic Veteran To BASH Trump, But She Did THIS Instead

MSNBC is desperately trying to get anyone who will listen to believe the narrative that Donald Trump is a racist, misogynistic, bigot who will set the country back 50 years. They had an unintended result when they interviewed a proud female Hispanic member of the Marine Corp.

The reporter was trying to get Delilah Bustamante to go after Donald Trump on his comments regarding some Hispanics and the fact he never served, but this proud service member cut him off at the knees by explaining that neither has Hillary served, and Trump was talking about illegal immigrants, not ALL Hispanics.

Of course, this liberal reporter was trying very hard to get her to criticize Trump, but she made a bold stand, starting with her comments on the enlistment issue:

“I want people that are going to enlist to want to be a part of it, but if you flip the other side, would Clinton really ever join the service?” she said. “I couldn’t see her ever being in the service either.”

Considering the history of the Clintons, neither can we. During the 1992 election, Bill Clinton was even dogged for a time by “draft dodger” accusations.

The stubborn reporter pressed on, but this Hispanic service member stood her ground on the liberal news media’s distortion of Trump’s comments on Hispanics and women.

“I’m also a very strong Hispanic though,” she said. “Words don’t hurt me.”

This brainwashed liberal reporter still wasn’t appeased, however, and he decided to drive right off a cliff when he asked, “Criminals? Rapists?”

Bustamante replied, saying she agreed with Trump “100 percent.”

“Those are the illegal immigrants that we need to get out of this country. Not only are we taking care of our own country by taking care of our own citizens with our own criminals, American-born criminals, but now we have to worry about these illegal immigrants bringing their criminality from their country here. That’s unfair to our American-born citizens and unfair to everyone.” So nope, Trump is not even remotely racist. He just wants to keep the priority focused solely on America and not illegal immigrants.

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