Watch: Navy SEAL Smacks Down Angry Liberal With 7 Stunning Words That’ll Haunt Him Forever

A former Navy SEAL called out an anti-war liberal on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File Wednesday night who claimed the wars in the Middle East have only succeeded in killing people and not making the United States safer.

During the town hall style discussion, the liberal said, “After all of the wars that we’ve fought. After all the Iraqis that have been killed in the name of the United States of America since 1991, all the blood that has been spilt, no doubt heroically, we are still no safer. So maybe we should start to think of ways of dealing with this that does not directly involve killing more people or having more wars. Crazy liberal idea, I know!”

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, who fought in Iraq, fired back: “The problem is ISIS sprung up when we stopped killing bad guys in the area. So you can go love them and you stick your head in the sand, and when they come back and kill your family, I’ll be there to back you up.”

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