WATCH – New Trump Ad Exposes Hillary’s Corruption, Trump Will WIN If People Spread This!

Hillary told the media she was “dead broke” when she and Bill left the White House. That was, of course, a big fat lie. Now, the Clintons are filthy rich. Exactly how did the career public servants go from poverty to millionaire status in just a few short years?

Pay-to-play politics, courtesy of the Clinton Foundation, and enormous checks for private speeches, where Hillary shared her real views on the issues, solves the rags to riches puzzlement. Tens of millions of dollars from foreign donors were accepted by the Clinton Foundation in the past two years alone.

Had Barack Obama not appointed Hillary as secretary of state, the pay-to-play scenario would not have been possible, and the integrity of one of the most important departments in our government would not have been compromised.

Hillary and Bill will apparently take a check from anyone if it furthers their agenda. Clinton Foundation donors include communist dictators and leaders of countries that kill citizens for being gay and marginalize and abuse women on a daily basis.

Taking money from the enemy is not even beneath Hillary Clinton. Donors from Middle East nations, which turn a blind eye to terrorists or flat-out enable them, also sent checks the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation donors account for more than half of the visitors Hillary entertained while serving as secretary of state. The intermingling of State Department and foundation staff is staggering and, at least, borderline illegal.

Hillary’s disdain for American workers is quite clear as well. The deals Hillary supports, which happen to benefit her wealthy foreign donors, hurt working class and middle class Americans.

Clinton’s willingness to hand over American uranium rights to the Russians created unthinkable dangers for our national security. Her “Russian reset” failed miserably and weakened our safety in the process.

“Hillary Clinton only cares about power, money, and herself,” the viral Donald Trump campaign video states. Never has a truer statement ever been uttered.

The American people are not for sale. The White House is not for sale.

If Hillary wins the election and gets ultimate power in her hands, just imagine what she might be willing to do to keep it.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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