WATCH – New Trump Fan Video is Making Hillary Fans CRY – Millions Are Spreading It

There are two distinct messages coming from the Trump and Clinton campaigns—on the one hand, we have the inclusive, pro-American Donald Trump, and on the other, we have the divisive, elitist, globalist Hillary Clinton. The American people are well aware of this dichotomy, and as they examine what each campaign would bring to a presidency, they are moving to the Trump campaign.

A new viral video produced by supporters of Donald Trump illustrates this and highlights the fact that they support his “make America great again” platform. In their own words, they acknowledge that we in the United States have to get back to what made America great.

This sentiment is growing among the American electorate, and that fact is represented in the polls, especially in critical swing states. In battleground states like Iowa and Ohio, Trump is in the lead, and in other critical states, his numbers are going up.

In the short fan produced video, his supporters all recognize that Trump’s platform is one that presents a pathway back to American exceptionalism. It means a return to the advancement of liberty and freedom both at home and around the world.

In the video, we hear the common Trump theme from the man himself: “I’m with you, the American people.” While this line has often been used as political rhetoric by establishment and career politicians, Trump’s platform backs up his statement.

As status quo politicians do nothing to reform the Veterans Administration from its atrocious state of organizational disrepair, Trump is advancing solutions that would allow veterans to receive immediate services. Transforming the VA is one of Trump’s pinnacle platform issues.

In a time when, at every turn, our constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion is being neutered and forcefully removed from our society, Donald Trump has pledged to reverse this trend. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Trump’s policies reflect that reality.

Far from condemning our military as weak, as the Clinton campaign and her surrogates like to claim, Donald Trump understands our military men and women are the best, most efficient fighting force in this world. He wants to give our brave men and women the tools and support they deserve, so they can continue their important missions around the world. He understands the need to reverse the debilitating policies of the last eight years.

Perhaps the centerpiece of his platform, Trump not only understands the country needs to produce more living wage employment opportunities, but he understands the government cannot create those jobs. He understands that getting government out of the way of the private sector is the only way to create jobs. This is in stark, dramatic difference to the disingenuous socialism peddled by Hillary Clinton.

But perhaps the most attractive aspect of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy is that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote to shake up Washington DC. His candidacy is a “disrupter” – it throws a wrench into the well-oiled establishment machine that has grown away from the American people.

Trump supporters are voting for Donald Trump because he is from the outside, more attuned to the common man than Hillary Clinton, a career politician so ingrained into the corrupt and self-serving status quo that she has operatives in critical government positions from her husband’s administration who run interference for her when Lady Justice comes to call.

This is what the Trump campaign is all about. It is about disrupting politics over government status quo. It’s about giving government back to the people.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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