WATCH – New Video Ad DECIMATES Hillary’s Campaign – She’s DONE, IF People See It!

One of the hurdles presidential campaigns must navigate during the final stretch of an election cycle is overcoming the “volume” so that relevant information is heard, understood, and consumed. This election cycle illustrates this challenge like none before.

In a new campaign ad released by the America Rising PAC, the issues of Hillary Clinton’s credibility and honesty are raised. At every turn since she declared her candidacy and in fact at every point in her political career, Mrs. Clinton has been vulnerable – by her own hand and actions – to claims of dishonesty and deception. This campaign ad proves her dishonesty beyond all doubt.

When facts can be presented to refute your claims of being truthful, your credibility is inarguably and immediately damaged forever. Where Mrs. Clinton is concerned, so many dishonest claims have been made it’s hard to find when she has been truthful.

Clinton and her campaign team insist that the American people trust her. In fact, at every opportunity, they project Mrs. Clinton’s problems with honesty onto their opponents. In 2008, she demonized then Senator Barack Obama as dishonest. Today, in 2016, she’s used the same tired claim against her opponent Donald Trump.

However, the facts are stubborn things; they remain no matter how vicious and cunning the spin. A 2015 Quinnipac poll measured the nation’s distrust of Mrs. Clinton at a stunning 57 percent. Even more astounding is that her team has not been able to affect those numbers to Clinton’s advantage through the cycle.

It is clear the American people believe Hillary to be a dishonest person. And for all her team’s efforts to drag Donald Trump into the dirt with her, the American people still view Trump as more “optimistic” than “deceptive.”

This perception of dishonesty is fueled by so many different instances and events that books have been written about them. However, as the no- and low-information voter American attention span has been conditioned to the last 30 minutes, only the most recent transgressions apply, but they are enough to prove the point.

In July 2015, Clinton took to the cameras to tell the American people, “I’ve never had a subpoena,” but this statement is so blatant a lie one is moved to be cautious of the impending lightning strike.

The Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi is on record in July 2015  announcing to the public that Clinton did, indeed, receive a subpoena. This declaration came a full three months before her statement.

Clinton made repeated and delinquent claims of never having sent or received classified information via her email, yet the FBI found a trove of classified emails that had been transmitted through her private email account and through her unsecured server. Some of these classified documents were of the country’s most sensitive information, the kind that could – and probably will – cost lives.

One can chronicle a trail of dishonesty all the way back to her days as a staffer on the House Judicial Subcommittee investigating Watergate. Her position there was terminated and her boss called her “unethical” and not trustworthy.

Clinton is quick to say that the issue of her dishonesty “is being blown up, with no basis in law or in fact.” But Mrs. Clinton is lying – bald-faced – once again. It has been proven, and the facts are indisputable.

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