WATCH – New Video Ad NUKES Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, It’s Going Massively Viral

Last month, the mainstream media complained that Hillary Clinton wasn’t giving them enough access, so since the Democrat National Convention, she has started having controlled impromptu meetings with the press on her campaign aircraft. During these encounters with hand selected reporters, Clinton often answers softball questions, but even then she still finds a way to hurt herself via the press.

As a new video making the rounds on social media shows, sometimes the most innocuous question can have profound repercussions when answers are examined. One of those moments came when Clinton was asked who her favorite world leader was—and she answered Germany’s Angela Merkel, the epitome of learning lessons the hard way, such as with Europe’s refugee crisis.

However, reality is evidencing Merkel to be less “brave” in the face of the European refugee crisis and more of a perpetrator of failed policy and leadership. The European refugee crisis has been a literal disaster for all the nations of Europe.

While Merkel was, at the outset of her tenure as chancellor, a popular figure, her popularity has plummeted over the last two years. This transition from popular politician to failed governmental leader has everything to do with how she is handling the refugee crisis.

The massive influx of refugees from the Middle East into Europe, especially into Germany, has served to severely damage the German culture. It has also imported an enormous contingent predisposed to crime and chaos.

Under Angela Merkel’s purview, Germany has seen over one million Middle Eastern refugees enter her country. These “immigrants” arrived on German soil not with the intent of assimilating and becoming productive members of German society but with the intent to insert the Middle Eastern culture into German society.

Merkel’s policies on the influx of refugees have been so opposed by the German people that they delivered a crushing defeat to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union political party in the last elections. Merkel was left to cobble together a governing coalition so as not to be completely divested of power.

While attempting to back-peddle her commitment to “diversity” and “multiculturalism” in recent news conferences, tantamount to admitting her refugee policies have endangered Germans, Merkel remains committed to allowing another million refugees into her country. The first million refugees have executed a reign of intimidation and crime over the German people including wide-spread sexual assaults and physical attacks on locals.

Like Merkel, Clinton is an “open borders” progressive who believes anyone who wants to come to the United States should be allowed to come to the United States. This is not an “immigration” policy; this is a death sentence to Americanism.

A true immigration policy seeks to admit people who will assimilate to a national culture and add a productive element to its society. This is the type of immigration policy Donald Trump wants to deliver to the American people.

Understanding the terror the Middle Eastern invasion of Europe has caused the European people, Hillary Clinton wants to up our refugee immigration from that war torn and terrorist riddled region by 550 percent.

Answer these questions, if you will. How does that keep America safe? How does that make America a more productive society? How does that make America great again?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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