WATCH – Newly Uncovered Video Reveals What Trump REALLY Did On 9/11

Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001; at the moment, we first heard that Islamofascist terrorists perpetrated the worst attack on American soil in the history of our nation. To understate the fact, that singular moment of vulnerability and realization is sheared into our minds.

What others were doing – and how they conducted themselves – is of historical significance. Many bloodthirsty supporters of the Islamofascists took to the streets of cities throughout the Middle East in celebration that the “Great Satan” had been made to stumble. But others, like Donald Trump, were preserving the dignity of those who lost their lives, likening them to the brave US warriors of World War II who lost their lives to Japanese kamikaze bombers.

In immediately attempting to do anything and everything he could to elevate the memories of those who were ruthlessly slaughtered on that fateful day, Trump exhibited a love of country and her people. As the horror hung in the air, he tried to forever memorialize those lost as brave and resolute.

In answering a question about how jetliners could topple buildings like the World Trade Center towers, Trump spoke of the tremendous heat generated by the combination of fuel and fire. The billionaire real estate mogul, intimately familiar with the construction of skyscrapers and super-structures, was to the point.

“People were willing to die,” Trump said of the Islamofascists, “and when they’re willing to die – when they’re willing to become kamikazes, in a sense – there’s very little you can do about it.”

In fact, the 19 Islamofascist hijackers who slammed Boeing jumbo jets into the towers, the Pentagon, and who were thwarted from slamming another plane into the US Capitol Building, knew the super-structures would be ultimately compromised by the intense heat generated.

The al Qaeda barbarians had originally thought they could compromise the structural integrity of one of the towers to a degree that it would topple into the other tower. Their wildest expectations were surpassed when the two towers collapsed upon themselves.

2,977 people were killed on September 11, 2001. An additional 6,000-plus were wounded. The dead included 71 law enforcement officers and 343 firefighters who died in the World Trade Center and on the ground in the World Trade Center complex.

Many of those who died did so attempting to help others escape the infernos. When the first unexpected collapse occurred, those who braved the heat and flames to help others were caught off-guard, dying in the service of others.

Many of those who perished attempting to rescue those others, especially in the second collapse of Tower One, were First Responders. I was privileged to have known the full complement of one of the fire houses, firefighters who perished – one and all – doing their sworn duties that day. For me, the day is one of solemn remembrance and an annual rededication to the task at hand: defeating Islamofascism everywhere and anywhere it exists by any and all means possible.

So, when someone like Donald Trump uses his position and voice to bestow dignity and honor onto those who died on that historic, fateful day, it means something to me. More than a politician attempting to “connect” with voters, Trump spoke as an affected New Yorker and an affected American.

I am certain he will “never forget.”

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