WATCH – Newt Gingrich Just BURNED DOWN The Media With 1 Incredible Sentence

We are witnessing a media blitz, the likes of which we have never seen before. The news media are not even trying to hide the fact of their obvious bias when it comes to the election (read: coronation) of one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Of course, if Donald Trump is indeed losing in this race, Newt Gingrich thinks he knows why: “I think that without the unending one-sided assault of the news media, Trump would be beating Hillary by 15 points. It is amazing that Trump is as close as he is right now.” It’s good to see that at least Newt Gingrich wasn’t born yesterday. I can’t say the same for most liberals though.

Of course, Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been dropping for some time now. It started with a released tape of Trump playing to the crowd when he was a still a reality TV star in 2005, and he issued a poorly-worded comment.

The media assault against Trump continued after eight women came forward claiming Donald Trump had groped them against their will.

Investigations into their stories strongly appear to show there is no merit to them whatsoever.

In looking at the fact the media crucify Donald Trump for these baseless allegations and completely ignore the troubling actions of Hillary Clinton, maybe it’s time to call a spade a spade. The Clinton campaign is waging a full-out propaganda assault against the Trump team.

Friends don’t let friends vote for Hillary Clinton, folks. Everything the Clinton team is trying to do is something Gingrich can recognize a mile away. “The news media’s one-sidedness is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime,” Gingrich said. “I’m old enough that’s a fairly long statement.”

Newt Gingrich is an individual who has lived through a lot of different things in his life. He is a man who has been at the center of American life for many decades.

Gingrich witnessed the Korean War when he was a child, lived through the Vietnam war and protested when he was college-aged, and saw the rise of the hippie culture during that same time frame. When he went into politics, he witnessed the Clinton years, and he worked to be a check against any of their excesses of power.

He is a man who realizes the press is never on the side of the GOP. He is 73 years old, and for the first time in his life, he is noticing something extremely unnerving about the country he loved. Something unseemly is going on, and Gingrich and many others know exactly what it is.

American is under a coup d’etat by Hillary Clinton. Gingrich has just come to the sudden realization that Hillary is much, much worse than anyone realized.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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