WATCH – NJ Town DEFIES ‘Black Lives’ Thugs With AMAZING Move, Liberals Are FURIOUS

With the recent outbreak of attacks against police officers in this country, some cities are stepping forward and offering their support.

In Mahwah, New Jersey, they are honoring their police officers by painting a blue line on the streets right between the double yellow lines, as per Fox News.

Of course, some  have expressed their displeasure of the blue lines—though everyone saw that coming—but to many, this is a great way to show support for the officers who protect and serve this nation and their communities.

This should extend to more than just this town—it should be something many cities do to show their support for their police officers, especially cities like Dallas, which has been a war zone against the men and women in blue.

This is a fight against the hate of liberals as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, which has become nothing more than a bunch of cop haters/killers who want to destroy property and change this country into Castro’s Cuba.

Luckily, some people still take pride in the police departments and are willing to make huge gestures like this. I’m sure liberals are throwing hissy fits, and once Obama catches wind of it, I’m sure he’ll make a usual “statement” to address the effect the paint is having on sensitive Democrats.

I wouldn’t be surprised if liberals tried to claim that the color blue is offensive to them—like the American flag is, apparently—because of the “racial profiling” cops do when they arrest people while wearing their blue uniforms.

It may sound ridiculous, but honestly, everything liberals say sounds ridiculous to me. Some of the arguments they try to pull off are just downright heinous, and I’m sure they will come up with one for this blue line in the streets.

Some have already argued that it would create confusion, making people think it’s a new rule of the road, but I think the only people who would think that are morons. The line is following the road… the only difference is the color in the middle.

One person on the Fox News Twitter page claimed they weren’t “police streets,” and that they belong to all taxpayers. They want the lines removed because the blue lines are not part of traffic laws.

Where better to show our support for police officers than on the road? They do police the roads, you know, so it makes the most sense. Signs can be removed and thrown away, as liberals showed with Trump campaign signs, but paint is pretty permanent.

This is a great way for cities to show their support of our police officers, and it is needed now more than ever with the violence plaguing our streets and being inflicted on the men and women in uniform. They protect us, so we need to show our support for all of their hard work!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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