WATCH – NRA Releases Controversial Video to DESTROY Hillary, It’s AMAZING

Any liberal who loves his or her family should watch this viral new NRA video and then try to justify casting a ballot for Hillary Clinton. Surely even Democrats love their mothers, daughters, and wives and want to keep them safe… right?

Hillary Clinton, unlike tens of millions of American women, has not had to worry about her personal safety for the past 40 years. Before becoming a career politician herself, she was married to one and was protected by trained security teams at all times. The rest of us don’t have that luxury.

Donald Trump cares about the lives of women and girls. He will support our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves. Hillary Clinton will not, as she wants to take away the most precious right we have.

“I will take on the gun lobby,” Hillary Clinton said during a stump speech. The NRA, which Hillary was referencing, is not comprised of big pocket donors like the lobbyists who support her. The rank and file are comprised of common Americans like you and me who cherish the Constitution and are diligent in the fight to protect the Second Amendment.

Over and over again, Hillary has shown she does not care about the well-being of women and girls. Her war on women encompasses four decades of callous, uncaring, and vicious insults to those who share her gender.

The former first lady attacked the character and integrity of the many women who came forward to report her husband had sexually assaulted them. She volunteered to represent a child rapist in court and then proceeded to disparage the little girl, even blaming her for enticing the man.

If Hillary wins in November, she will once again show her contempt for rape victims and women by making them more vulnerable to sexual predators. A woman who carries a gun levels the playing field when attacked by a man who could easily overpower her.

Our local heroes do their very best to reach us in time and protect our lives and the lives of our children, but an armed home invader will be able to break through the door before you even hang up with the 911 dispatcher.

The average response to a 911 call for help is between eight and 11 minutes. Just ponder for a moment how much bloody, brutal damage an armed intruder, rapist, drug-crazed mugger, or terrorist could do in only ten minutes.

Since it is impossible to carry a police officer in your purse or pocket, you must learn how to use a gun, get a concealed carry permit, and protect yourself and loved ones. It is not just our right—it is our duty.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against the safety of yourself and your family.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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