WATCH – Obama Hears About Hillary’s FBI Investigation, Immediately Makes THIS Sick Move

Draining the swamp is long overdue and will likely take a significant portion of Donald Trump’s first several years in office to complete, seeing as the corruption goes all the way to the top, all the way to President Barack Obama.

Less than 24 hours after the world learned the FBI had re-opened its investigation into Hillary Clinton, President Obama was back out on the campaign trail stumping for her. Obama remains an unapologetic cheerleader for Hillary Clinton, travelling to swing-state Florida to equate supporting Clinton to supporting him.  This is the first time in the history of the United States a presidential candidate has been investigated by the FBI while running for office.

“We shouldn’t let our kids think that politics is about pitching a new hotel or a new golf course or a TV contract,” Obama said when pushing Floridians to vote for Hillary Clinton. The President chastised Donald Trump for his celebrity status, but failed to address the fact that Hillary Clinton is once again under investigation by the FBI.

For the second time in two weeks, Barack Obama has left the White House to travel to Florida to campaign for Hillary and down-ticket Democrats. During his appearance in Tampa last night, he said even if Hillary wins, that “won’t be enough.”

“It’s not enough just to elect her and then have a Republican Congress that is already talking about not being willing to cooperate with her on anything,” Obama said to the crowd, according to a Tampa Bay Times report. “What we’re going to see is more gridlock and more obstruction and more threats to shut down the government.”

Obama reportedly plans to be out campaigning for Democrats every day between now and Election Day. He has also starred in about two dozen radio and television ads for House and Senate Democrat politicians.

Apparently, it does not take a lot of time at all to run a country. Obama’s light presidential schedule is good news for Hillary Clinton, since she has such problems with stamina.

“And you know the media stories go up and down, and there’s a lot of noise and sometimes it’s hard for folks to sort out what’s right and wrong, what’s true, what’s false, which is why the other guy can just say what he wants,” the President continued when once again disparaging Donald Trump without calling him by name.

Obama is apparently just as divorced from reality as Clinton. The mainstream media has been carrying Hillary’s water from the get go. They are now trying to find a way to blame the re-opening of the FBI investigation against her on the GOP and Donald Trump. Either Obama is too foolish to see that the only “noise” is from the mainstream media, or Clinton has him bought and paid for.

“This has been a volatile race. It’s been a volatile election. Folks are in a volatile mood,” Obama said.

Exactly why are folks in a volatile mood? We are sick and tired of career politicians, the Constitution being infringed upon, and big government destroying the economy while taking more money out of our pockets. If you really want change and for America to be great again, there is only one clear path to achieving that goal, vote Trump!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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