Watch: Obama Just Said 2 SURPRISING Words About Trump He May Regret On Late Night TV

As Western Journalism detailed earlier this week, President Obama is reportedly chomping at the bit to get out and endorse Hillary Clinton as his successor as president.

After Tuesday’s big win for Clinton in which she took four of the six primaries, including California, the outgoing president wrote a letter of support for Clinton on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, Obama stopped by The Tonight Show to sit down with Jimmy Fallon to record a couch-side chat about the election. The interview will air Thursday evening.

Fallon asked Obama, “Do you think the Republicans are happy with their choice?”

“We are,” replied Obama to the laughter of the crowd. “But, I don’t know, I don’t know how they’re feeling,” he added.

“But, actually, you know what? That was too easy. But, but, the truth is, actually, I am worried about the Republican Party,” the president said appearing to tone it down a bit. “This country works when you have two parties that are serious, and trying to solve problems and they’ve got philosophical differences, and they have fierce debates and they argue and they contest elections, but at the end of the day what you want is a healthy two-party system,” the president said, reverberating the sentiment Democrats promote which states Trump isn’t serious, sane or healthy.

“You want the Republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win,” he added, implying again the feeling Trump is somehow unfit for duty as president. “What’s happened in that party, culminating in this current nomination I think is not really good for the country as a whole.

“It’s not something Democrats should wish for and my hope is that maybe once you get through this cycle, there’s corrective action and they get back to being a center-right party with the Democratic Party being a center-left party,” he concluded, with the implication being this will happen when — not if — Clinton wins the election.

“The main role I’m gonna be playing in this process is to remind the American people that this is a serious job. You know, this is not reality TV,” Obama said, once again drawing distinctions between the billionaire and the former secretary of state.

Obama didn’t officially come out and endorse Clinton, yet, CNN noted he was “itching” to get out and do so. The network even supposedly gave Obama a new title, calling him Clinton’s new “campaigner In chief.”

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