WATCH – Obama-Loving Welfare Queen Mouths Off in Court – Gets DESTROYED By Judge

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there was a teen who was sentenced to 21 days in juvenile detention for grant theft auto, but this was not the only sentence carried out by the judge in that courtroom.

During the court hearing, the members of the teen’s family including a loud-mouthed queen of welfare were disruptive and behaving atrociously. They were making symbols with their hands, yelling, and cussing, and it was not long before the judge finally had enough. He arrested them all for contempt of court, as per Freedom Daily.

The convicted teen, as well as the members of his family, will all get to cool off in a jail cell for a little while to think about their actions.

This is exactly why some people do not deserve government assistance—most of them take advantage of it anyway.

There were a total of four teens involved in the car theft, and two of them went to a location where they had another stolen car waiting for them. Luckily, they did not get away with their crimes and were apprehended by police.

Rather than going to school and getting a job, they were stealing the cars of Americans who likely worked long and hard to buy those cars and service them when necessary. While these punks were joy riding, they could have seriously damaged the cars that weren’t even theirs to take!

In the video, the mother of one of the teens got in her kids’ faces and told them to be quiet; if only she had used more of that discipline while they were growing up, and maybe they wouldn’t be the dregs of society they currently are.

Having discipline and a good example could have gotten these kids on a better path or maybe not. It’s ultimately up to people themselves regarding the decisions they make, and these kids made bad ones.

Now, they are sentenced to time in jail, and it may very well be on their permanent records. They may have just ruined their lives over joy riding. What employer is going to want to hire someone with a history of grand theft auto?

Many families like this one get welfare assistance and don’t work, hardly earning anything they get in life, yet they continue to take from Americans who work hard for all they have every single day.

You would think they have taken more than enough. Rather than stealing from others, they should put in the hard work themselves and contribute to their lives. Maybe if they put in some effort, their lives wouldn’t be so dismal.

Many Americans have less than humble beginnings—some get themselves out and others don’t. Some claim it’s the lucky ones that do, but luck has nothing to do with it. You have to be willing to get off your butt and work. If these kids had done that, they would be making something of themselves instead of sitting in a jail cell.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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