WATCH – Pence Starts Talking About Hillary’s Email Server, Immediately THIS Happens

Mike Pence clearly won the vice presidential debate last night—even the flaming liberals over at MSNBC were forced to admit the defeat of the smirking Democrat Tim Kaine on the stage. Even though he lost, Tim Kaine (and, by extension, Hillary Clinton) appears to have gotten a helping hand from the mainstream media debate moderator.

Vice presidential debate moderator Elaine Quijano, a CBS journalist, cut off Mike Pence’s microphone when he started to talk about Hillary Clinton’s private email server and her lying about sending classified emails.

“Is [the] moderator trying to confirm media is in tank for Hillary? Sure looks like it. Pence is having to debate two people but doing it well!” Mike Huckabee tweeted during the VP debate.

The moderator lost control of the debate very early in the evening.

Tim Kaine’s annoying ankle-biting interruptions were tolerated for far too long.

Hillary’s henchman interrupted Mike Pence about 70 times throughout the evening.

Nearly all of the times Elaine Quijano attempted to regain control of the debate occurred when the Republican was making a valid point about how Obama and Hillary weakened America or defending himself and Trump against Kaine’s dishonest claims.

Just an accidental technical difficulty and not media bias?

Maybe, but probably not.

We all remember the microphone issues Donald Trump experienced all evening during the presidential debate right?

It seems the microphones, which are tested just prior to the moderator and candidates taking the stage, only malfunction when it is a member of the GOP uttering slams against liberals into the speaker.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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