Watch: Phil Robertson STORMS Out Of Repub Convention, Says 3 Harsh Words No One Saw Coming

Saying “Trump’s the man,” Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson urged Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — who he once supported –and the rest of the Republicans who failed to defeat nominee Donald Trump to focus on winning the White House instead of fighting each other.

On Wednesday night, Cruz was booed by many Republican National Convention delegates after his speech did not include an endorsement of Trump, who defeated Cruz in a hard-fought primary season. On Thursday, Cruz indicated that he could not endorse Trump because of comments Trump made during the primaries about his wife and father.

Robertson said the time has come to let go of all that has gone before.

Robertson said continuing the tone of the primaries is inappropriate now that they are over.

“Trump beat him fair and square and all the rest of them too,” he said. “All the rest of the candidates that Trump beat – including Ted – what they need to do is, they need to forgive Mr. Trump” for what was said in the tense duel of the primary.

Robertson said he made the transition from backing Cruz to supporting Trump because “that’s the hand that’s been dealt by the Republican electorate.”

“I know the heat of the campaign and politics; we all need to understand something. We look at our culture. For us to remain civil, we must all stop sinning and begin to forgive and learn how to love each other. That’s my message, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it,” he said.


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