WATCH – Pro-Trump ‘Diamond and Silk’ Release AWESOME Post-Debate Video, It’s Instantly Viral

Two of Donald Trump’s most enigmatic supporters created another viral video to share what they thought of the Republican’s presidential debate performance. Hillary claims Trump has turned off black and female voters, but this video indicates the exact opposite to be true.

“Hillary started lying right off the bat,” Diamond and Silk emphatically stated at the beginning of their video.

Yep, she sure did, and she continued that habit throughout the debate.

Diamond and Silk are sisters from North Carolina—and they loathe political correctness. No wonder they are huge Trump supporters!

The ladies are commentators on their now extremely popular YouTube channel, “The Viewers View.”

“Mr. Donald Trump’s non-traditional approach is exactly what this country needs. Mr. Trump inspires hope in the American Dream because unlike modern day politicians who dance to the tune of lobbyists, he is a successful businessman who has the ability to dictate strategies without the interference of special interest groups whose money often play a role in creating disadvantages for Americans,” Diamond and Silk noted on their website.

Lester Holt kept attempting to play fact-checker for Donald Trump, but he did not dare try to keep Hillary Clinton honest throughout the evening.

Trump was questioned about the birther issue liberals dug out of the closet in an attempt to paint him as a racist.

I am still baffled as to how the question of birth had racial undertones, especially since Trump had the same questions about Ted Cruz, when there was never a whisper of racism.

Holt ignored the fact that one of the candidates on the stage was under investigation by the FBI while running for the highest office in the land.

“We don’t give a d**n about that birther issue,” the two ladies said.

The mainstream media want Hillary Clinton to win and have sacrificed journalism ethics to do their part in making that happen. Luckily we can count Diamond and Silk among We the People’s numbers to spread the truth!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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