WATCH – Rand Paul Just Issued THIS Surprise Announcement About Donald Trump

Rand Paul and Donald Trump were definitely at odds during the Republican Primary, tossing barbs at one another on a regular basis. However, even though the two men did not see eye-to-eye on everything, they do share some core principles and a healthy respect for the Constitution—something liberals tend to dismiss as just an antiquated piece of paper.

During an interview on CNN, Rand Paul stated, without reservation or hesitation, that Donald Trump would be a better commander-in-chief than Hillary Clinton.

“Without question, I think Hillary Clinton would more likely get us involved in another war in the Middle East. She’s been for sending arms into Syria. From the very beginning, Donald Trump has said that he questioned the Iraq War,” Rand Paul said.

Hillary Clinton has been very busy trying to make excuses for her vote to enter into the Iraq War.

When she deemed the war and her vote for the military action a “mistake,” she essentially told the loved ones of those who died in Iraq that their lives were lost in vein.

Trump has been on record for years saying the war and the abrupt, pre-announced removal of troops by Barack Obama created a power vacuum that led to the creation of ISIS.

Liberals are quick to claim Trump changed his position on the war, but they are standing on very shaky ground.

When answering a question by Howard Stern, Trump indicated, like many Americans at the time, he supported the decision of our leaders (believing they were far more informed on the top) to fight terrorism and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Donald was a private citizen at the time and not privy to all the details as then New York Senator Hillary Clinton was.

This comment was made very early after the the military action was announced and the media was showing us nothing but the dire need to go into Iraq to thwart Al-Qaeda and find Osama bin Laden.

“So that gives me some consolation that Donald Trump would be a better commander-in-chief because he at least had the foresight to see that the first—the Iraq War led to a destabilization of the area, and Hillary Clinton was on the other side of that,” Rand Paul added when throwing his support behind Trump.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, his views have not changed repeatedly overtime nor are they dependent upon poll results, focus group testing, and political correctness.

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