WATCH – Reporter Has ENOUGH of Obama’s Race-Baiting – UNLOADS on Live TV!

You should be aware, if you follow the social networks, that President Obama and his race-mongering behavior are supported only by the extreme left; the rest, including liberals, decided that enough is enough, and conservatives are in a state of confusion and anxiety.

VIA Angry Patriot

Brit Hume, one of the more respected journalists in the business, completely slammed Obama on live TV, stating, “The President has consistently chosen to see things through the eyes of an aggrieved black activist rather than of a president of all the people.”

He continued, “He has not failed to speak out whenever a black is killed by a white police officer, but has said next to nothing about the continuing slaughter of blacks by other blacks in the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, and other cities.”

Obama has had ample opportunities to criticize any aspect of the Black Lives Matter organization, but he has instead chosen to not only applaud them, but has even invited them into the White House to give them a national stage.

He has taken it a step further and mentioned the group during the memorial service for the fallen Dallas police officers.

When those words came out of his mouth, my jaw dropped to the ground, fury rose from deep in my belly, and I watched the officers on stage simply shake their heads.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments in presidential history as Obama simply does not get it.

He is more like an activist taking on causes rather than a president responsible for the welfare of over 300 million people.

Everything the Black Lives Matter movement and their supporters do is overlooked by the President, who says that we should learn to better understand them. Fanatic immigrants and refugees are embraced by Obama and drench our nation. Brit Hume has a point, Obama doesn’t deserve to be called a president, but an “aggrieved black activist”.

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